Results of Open international online Championship

Results of Open international online Championship

From 08 to 09 August 2020 took place The First Open international online tournament in Military and sports all-around competitions, the section `combat martial` from versions:

-B-5 (self-defense demonstration)
-B-6 (demonstration of formal technical complexes - kata).

The actual competition was conducted by reviewing and analyzing the videos submitted by the participants of the competition, and the panel of judges during the day, according to the rules of the competition, determined the winners.

More than 100 athletes from 14 countries expressed their desire to take part in the tournament. It is a pleasure to note that the event was attended by athletes aged 6 years and veterans of sports who were over 40 years old.

According to the results of the competition, the team places were distributed as follows:
- 1 place Ukraine
- 2 place The Republic of Serbia
- 3 place The Kingdom of Denmark

In the conditions of the general pandemic of carrying out online competitions it is a convenient opportunity to support development of military sports all-round competitions in the World.
We hope for the further cooperation with federations of other countries.